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X-Wave MP3 Cutter Joiner

X-Wave MP3 Cutter Joiner allows you to edit MP3 without conversion, which means without quality
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30 April 2010

Editor's review

Would you like to rock your parties with your own remixes? Sound interesting, right? Well, doing this task isn’t that difficult as may have thought it to be, as you can take up the assistance of an apt utility for helping you through. Such assistance is delivered to you by a competent utility named as X-Wave MP3 Cutter Joiner 1.1. The utility helps you in creating new remix songs as it supports splitting, trimming, and joining WAV and MP3 audio files, as per your requirements. Not just create new songs, but you can also generate several ringtones of your favorite songs for your mobile device. The program comes with the capability to deliver output without sacrificing the quality of the audio. To further support your processes, it integrates an in-built mp3 player along with animated graphs and visual editor for precise adjustments.

For beginning the task with X-Wave MP3 Cutter Joiner 1.1, you can easily add different wav and mp3 files for processing. You can select each file separately and set the start and end points for splitting or trimming the file accordingly. The loaded music file is displayed with wavelengths for accurate audio segment selection. For example, if you want to Split the files you’d have to specify the split mode as By count; By size, Mb; or By time, and click over ‘Arrange cut lines’ for placing the marks. Further, the program also presents the Info of each audio file at right panel such as Track, Disk, BPM, Title, Artist, Composer, Copyright, URL, etc, along with Format Info like format, bitrate, channels count, and more. You can also select a file and click Play or listening to it, and after making the required adjustments you just have to press ‘Split’ to let the program perform the task. Likewise, after splitting the necessary parts you can join various files into one file. It also consists of save, zoom, view, and other supportive options to let you perform the task.

X-Wave MP3 Cutter Joiner application provides you with an effective solution creating new ringtones and remixes of your own. Owing to its notable feature-set, smooth functionality, and quality results, the program justifiably is being awarded with 4 rating points.

Publisher's description

X-Wave MP3 Cutter Joiner is designed for easy and convenient MP3 recording and lossless MP3 editing. With just one click you can cut MP3 file into a specified number of parts or into parts of a given length or size. To join MP3 files, simply arrange them in the required order. The familiar operations Copy, Paste, Delete and Crop allow you to edit MP3 as easily as a plain text file. Undo and Redo operations are always possible to return to the previous step or repeat an operation. Unlike other programs, X-Wave MP3 Cutter Joiner does not convert the files that are being edited. This means that the quality of your MP3 file remains unchanged no matter how many operations you perform.
The built-in MP3 recorder with its pre-record function allows a complete recording to be made even if recording started from the middle of the track. MP3 recorder can record any sound you can hear without losing any quality. Start MP3 recording at any time with hotkeys from any application or directly from the taskbar. The recording is immediately captured as an MP3 file, which can then be edited in the program.
The built-in MP3 normalizer allows you to normalize MP3 files without conversion. The Fade MP3 effects allow you to make a smooth increase or fade in volume on a given section.
The built-in MP3 tag editor allows you to add or edit ID3 tags such as: artist, album title, genre, year, etc. Tags can be in either ID3v1 or ID3v2 format.
X-Wave MP3 Cutter Joiner also supports all operations for WAV files.
X-Wave MP3 Cutter Joiner
X-Wave MP3 Cutter Joiner
Version 2.0
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